Giveaways are impactful tools for promoting a brand at conferences. They help the receiver retain the experience provided by the brand at the event. This remembrance further etches the brand in their minds, leading to the acquisition of a new customer or the recurrence of an existing one. Besides brochures, posters, and similar material, promotional products are a must-have on the list.

There is no scarcity of promotional conference gear to choose from due to customisation. Vendors like CustomGear hold a plethora of such products to suit every brand and event type’s needs. Gifts can be opted for based on the effect a brand intends to on the receiver.

The Ideal Gifting Idea for a Conference

The stakes are high at a conference as there will be many numerous attendees, and the brand has to present its best face to them with these gifts. Online portals like Custom Gear enable marketing professionals to select from an assortment of products they have listed so that the impact will be a positive one.


Everyone needs water, which is why a water bottle makes for a great gifting choice at a conference. Plastic and steel bottles are the most common material types; they can both get shaped to suit a brand’s needs.

Another option is vacuum flask bottles. They go the extra step of keeping the drink inside hot or cold depending on the user’s needs, further pleasing the receiver and improving brand image.

Bottles are available in a slew of colours, with sufficient space for printing a large enough brand logo.

Conference Books and Folders

Corporate folders, combined with notebooks and some stationery, have been an age-old gifting idea that still holds good.

They display the brand logo upfront in bold without being intrusive. They come in handy on many occasions and spread brand awareness on each such occasion. Faux leather and plastic ones come on the cheap, and pure leather ones for that premium feel.

Pins and Cufflinks

Tie-pins and cufflinks are an often overlooked opportunity for brand promotion. They might seem to be out of sight for the most part, but that is not the case. Tie-pins stand out against any apparel and will show the onlooker any brand logo straight in their face.

The same applies to cufflinks each time the wearer’s arms are displayed prominently. They both add a touch of class to the wearer and the brand that is giving them away.


Corporates and non-corporates alike tend to carry a bunch of items to conferences. Bags come to their rescue by holding all of those necessary items. Bags with a brand’s logo attached showcase it everywhere, and every time they are carried and placed.

The material, colour, and design are all customisable and are cheap and easy to manufacture. The associated dependability gets extended to the brand’s image when they are gifted.

Digital Accessories

Gadgets are used all the time at conferences, meaning portable chargers will be in demand. Delivering one out as a gift is sure to skyrocket any brand’s image. Bluetooth-enabled accessories like speakers and headsets can be given to some for added brand reliability-related image enhancement.

A conference may be a temporary happening, but its effects could last for long. Custom Gear and other similar portals give brands the gifting tools they need to make a powerful and permanent impression on the attendees.

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