For large franchises like restaurant chains, council offices, and government services and institutions, handling large amounts of cash daily can be a hazard. Whilst it might not happen often, large sums of cash on unsecured premises and in vulnerable areas can be an attraction for thieves and organised crime. A cash in transit service offers the security of transporting large cash sums in armoured vehicles to a secure destination. There are numerous security companies that offer these types of services and employ and train professional guards and security personnel.

Transporting Cash Securely

The idea behind cash in transit services is to transport valuables, such as large sums of money, from one site to another in a defensive way. Armoured trucks themselves are not intended as offensive vehicles; rather, they are engineered to provide as much protection as possible for both the drivers and the contents so that the load can be delivered safely to a secure destination. In fact, they are made so that if trouble or disaster does occur, they can leave the scene quickly with minimal damage.

There are many sites that use cash in transit services, but most people likely recall seeing them parked outside banks, including the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, and the National Australia Bank. Apart from banks, cash in transit services also work for other large institutions that handle large sums of money daily, including hospitals, hotels, and big private businesses.

Why Use a Cash in Transit Service?

Apart from added safety and security with regard to crime, there are actually a few other very good reasons to use cash in transit services. For large retail chains, government organisations, hotels, schools, and other groups, outsourcing the cash handling and transport to a secure third party both decreases the risk of organised crime and also means that those businesses can completely focus on their clients, customers, and core business.

These security services also typically offer additional services like cash counting, sorting, and bank deposits so that the hiring business doesn’t have to perform those functions in-house. Once again, this translates to less time the organisations spend on handling cash and more time on core functions, clients, and customers. In big cities, these types of secure services are commonplace and efficient, and you can find cash in transit in Melbourne, for example, operating each day.

About Armoured Trucks

There are some really interesting facts about the armoured trucks and vehicles used to transport valuables and cash. Did you know, for example, that when fully loaded they can weigh as much as 27 tonnes? That’s one heavy vehicle! They can also still be operated and driven on blown out tires so that they can reach a safe destination. This type of armoured transport originated in 1920s Chicago, where organised crime was rife.

Choosing a Reputable Security Company

Though many security services also offer cash in transit services, it’s a good idea to choose a company that abides by a definite set of core values and ethics. A reputable security company makes sure that guards receive ongoing professional development and that they are discrete and reliable.

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