What can a tax rebate service do for you?

Assuming that you are a taxpayer, then, the answer could well be, quite a lot! Paying taxes is a necessary, if somewhat irksome, responsibility. The fact is, many of us are paying over the odds. Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs deal with millions of tax returns every year; whatever you say, then, generally, that’s what they’ll pay.

However, by employing a tax rebate service, such asthe online Tax Rebate Services(www.taxrebateservices.co.uk), you could well shave substantial sums off of your next tax bill.

HMRC, if you tell them, will allocate a rebate for certain defined ‘allowable work expenses’.

Which Tax Rebate Service should I choose?

  • First and foremost, ensure that the company is licenced and regulated by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). If not, then avoid.
  • Check out their trading record, how long has the company been in business? Employ someone with the necessary credentials and bags of experience.
  • It also makes sense to find an online company, no travelling, no meetings and no hassle. Search the web; a good company will have an informative, well laid out, easy to navigate, site.
  • Can you access a rebate claims form their website?
  • Can you check out your likely eligibility before committing?
  • Will they deal directly with HMRC on your behalf?
  • Find someone who is helpful, willing to give advice and ongoing support.

Tax Rebate Services.co.ukprovide a typical example of a well organised and professional business. Here’s a company willing to go that extra yard, they even produce a free newsletter to keep you up to date with developments.They’ll, also, give you a free, reliable, assessment as to your chances of receiving a rebate. Check out their website now!

What allowances could you claim?

Are you missing out? Are you spending money on expenses, money that should be refunded?

There are a huge number of ‘allowable work expenses’ that HMRC will consider. Consult a rebate company for advice. The advice will cost you nothing and the rewards could be plentiful.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common ‘allowable work expenses’.

Mileage Tax Reliefis probably one of the more often claimed rebates. If you use your car during the course of business, as an employee of self-employed, then you may well be eligible for a rebate. The rebate can be backdated over a period of four years; so well worth investigating.

Why not use the mileage tax rebate calculator on the Tax Rebate Services’ website for an instant, free assessment?

There are hundreds of further examples; such as uniform tax; did you know that if you wear a uniform as part of your work you may be entitled to a laundry allowance?

How about the tool tax backoption? Do you buy your own tools for work? More than likely, you will be able to get a tax rebate on your expenses.

Tax rebates for professionals, this is a scheme, set up by HMCR that works on behalf of many trades a professions. There’s all kinds of tax relief benefits for organisations, from union fees rebates to a host of other, agreed, rebates on a range of professional expenses. Check out what the HMCR is offering your trade or profession. Go to www.taxrebateservices.co.uk.

In conclusion

There are many things about the rebate system that most of us know very little about; hidden treasures that could lead to a windfall of welcome and unexpected rebates. Even if you’ve left or are leaving the UK, there may well be unclaimed rebates to which you are entitled.

No matter what your circumstances, don’t miss out! Ask a professional rebate specialist for advice; ask Tax Rebate Services.co.uk.

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