Some may say that New York’s food market is full, that the city has reached its capacity for restaurants, cafes, juice bars and bakeries, but the newest addition to West Village, La Maison De Makoto, is unlike anything already available on the streets of New York.

The creation of world renowned pastry chef PhillipeConticini, hedge fund manager and investment expert YomiRodrig and his son Andrea, Le Maison De Makoto is a unique café and bakery offering an array of authentic and modern baked goods, inspired by the flavours of Japan, France and America. West Village’s new bakery is situated in a 3,000 square-feet space on Barrow Street, Seventh Avenue South and features two floors: the bottom floor showcases the bakery and an eat-in area and the second floor is reserved for private events.

The Faces Behind La Maison De Makoto

At the helm of this pioneering new bakery is French dessert chef, PhillipeConticini, who started his career as a chef at a fine dining restaurant in France, creating traditional dishes for guests, which is where part of the inspiration for his new creations originates from. PhillipeConticini has already started an empire of bakeries across the world, with his chain of ‘La Pâtisserie des Rêve’ shops being located in France, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi and at one time, London.

Conticini provides the culinary expertise to the business, where the practical side of the operation is handled by MrYomiRodrig, a hedge fund manager and investment consultant based in Geneva; YomiRodrig has invested around £2,000,000 to the business to support his son, Andrea, who has partnered with Conticini to create the new bakery. Rodrig is well-known in the finance industry for knowing his way around investments and is offering business guidance to his son and Conticini to enable the business to succeed.

What’s on the Menu?

Referring to yourself as a ‘unique’ bakery when you’re based in New York, the epicentre of good food in America, is a big statement, so what’s on the menu at La Maison De Makoto? Conticini’s baked goods are a fusion of authentic French and Japanese flavours, but all intertwined with classic American flavours and ingredients to appeal to the local market.

Using locally sourced and freshly produced ingredients, Conticini has created an array of colourful and flavourfulbitesize bakes; the star of the show at La Maison De Makoto is the mochi made with artisan gelato, but other treats you need to try include their Japanese inspired pastries, salty bites to share and to wash it all down, there’s an extensive menu of innovative and refreshing beverages on offer.

Making a statement in the world of New York diners means you need a USP, and with La Maison De Makoto, they’ve appealed to their customer’s by promising all-natural flavours, no artificial sweeteners or colours, RBST & RBGH free milk and cream and have even advertised gluten free options.

Putting La Maison De Makoto on the Map

With YomiRodrig being the business brains behind La Maison De Makoto, it’s no surprise that there’s already talks of expanding the bakery to further states across America and adapting the bakery to work as a street food vendor. La Maison De Makoto is opening its flagship store in New York, in West Village and will remain exclusive to New York for the first few months. If the bakery achieves the success the owners are anticipating, the next step is to create a street food branch of the bakery that can be rolled out across food festivals and street corners around America, bringing La Maison De Makoto to the masses.

As well as establishing a chain of ‘bakeries on the move’, with the Rodrig father and son duo by his side, PhillipeConticini is keen to take the bakery to Boston and is looking to set up a second permanent shop in the state which is over 200-miles from his current Location on Seventh Avenue South.

But What Do the New Yorkers Think?

Setting up a new eatery in New York is ambitious to say the least, but the people of the city seem to be getting behind the latest bakery to open in the city, with La Maison De Makoto already having nearly 1,500 followers on Instagram and an exclusive feature in the NY Eater online!

For more information about what’s going in-store at La Maison De Makoto, or to learn more about the menu, the chef behind it all, or the location and opening hours, be sure to check their website!

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