Know about your personal loans

Personal loans are just the amount of credit that you need for your expense. This means that if you have personal amenities which you need to take care of, then these loans will help you with that.  

These are the type of unsecured loans that helps you to meet your current needs. Like that, your home loans are managed into the same way, and they come with proper security and the collateral interest of rate that is charged on the necessary amount of credit that you get sanctioned from your bank.  

The rate of your personal loans depends from bank to bank, and it also depends on how much your lender is supposed to give you. They are flexible, and they come with the usage of the funds as per your needs. For managing your solo travel to meeting the office expenses that you took to buy off that stationery for your employees, personal loans will save you from a lot of trouble.

The best thing about these loans is that they come with a collateral interest and they also come with debt consolidation that you can repay off once you have taken in your loan value from your lender and your bank.

Is prepayment a good idea?

Your personal loans prepayment can save you from a lot of hassle and make sure of your tenure. When you want to keep your loan based on the interest, then these paying process will help you a lot. The trick is to ensure that you have your entire amount pre-paid for your personal loans.

The same thing can happen with your home loans. Yes, personal bank loan makes sure that you have the advantage of the preceding less on the interest. Some banks do have a penalty rate, and they can range between three to five percent when a customer is trying to decide whether they want to repay their loan or not.  

These are done on the floating rate basis, and the loans are to be taken on the amount which is charged by your bank. If you are thinking of prepayment in the full process, then you are being a lot wiser than you think. And it can go around for your earlier stages.  

However, if you take your banks and they have a lock-in for one year then only after that you can choose to pay off the entire outstanding loan amount. Your yes bank personal loan can ensure these.  

A better part of the cost of the interest is paid by you, and they can be made sure during the lock-in period. Suppose for example you take a personal loan amount of 4 lakhs and your rate of interest is made sure for 14%. The time period of your personal loans will be three years. The EMI which will be payable every month is amounted to about thirteen thousand.  

The total interest and the loan term will be around ninety-two thousand. For the first year, you cannot have the loan to be pre-paid to your bank since it is the lock-in period which is provided by your bank.  

It is evident that the prepayment of your personal loan will be right for you and as soon as you pay the substantial amount of interest cost, you will have your work done. The sooner you pay for your personal loans, the more you will save on your overall payroll interest.


Your personal loans prepayment will be a lot more efficient for you if you ask your lender about the same. This way you will know your tenure and know which the interest amount that will affect your rate of payment. The interest rate for your home loans and others are high and significant on respect if you don’t take things into account. This is when you need them to be paid at the right time so that you can save yourself from the higher amounts.   

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