British motorists are being urged to keep an eye out for scam emails asking for details being held on the DVLA Swansea database to be verified. Claiming to have been sent from the DVLA, they tell drivers that if they don’t supply the information that has been requested, they could have to sit their test again.The bogus email includes a link to a DVLA form which is not genuine. If completed, it gives scammers all the details required to form false identities, apply for passports and access credit cards and bank accounts.

Once they have fallen for the scam, drivers then find things very tough when they try to get credit, access financial services or apply for legal documents because their details will show up as being potentially fraudulent.The DVLA insists they never ask for personal information by email. They encourage all motorists to look out for some telltale signals that they are being conned.

These include poor spelling and formatting. Also, the email address is totally different from any genuine DVLA email account.The DVLA is still trying to find out where the email came from and how many people have received these messages. If you do get one, pass it on to Action Fraud, whose details can be found online.

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