If your work requires you to drive a truck or lorry, then you will most definitely need to be covered by a HGV insurance policy. Driving heavy goods vehicles is much more risky than driving smaller vehicles and there is much more potential for accidents and other incidents to occur, so having the right level of coverage is a must.

As there is so much more risk involved with driving very large vehicles, the cost of HGV insurance has traditionally been very high and has cost HGV drivers a substantial amount over the years. Here at Lionheart  Insurance, however, we have succeeded in bringing down the cost of our HGV insurance so that it is much more affordable for those who seek to set up as HGV drivers.

HGV Insurance

We specialise in HGV insurance, so we really know what HGV drivers require and we are able to provide it for much less than non-specialists too. We offer a range of HGV insurance policies which are suitable for single or multiple drivers.

Visit our website, or get in touch to find out more about the savings you could make with our HGV insurance today.

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