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No matter how many safety precautions you take and regardless of your business’s size, the risks of an unforeseen event happening are real! Therefore, insurance is a necessary tool for all companies in the industry, both for the proper functioning and employees’ safety and health.

What industries are needed to cover the risks as much as possible, in the specialists’ opinion?

Insurance cover for catering establishments

The well-being of your guests and smooth operations require your full attention as an innkeeper, we offer your catering business and special insurance protection as part of the extensive coverage packages, for example: 

  • Transport damage to catering and party service
  • Spoilage damage to refrigerated goods (including ice cream)
  • Cash in slot machines and savings club boxes
  • Soot and smoke damage
  • Lock change costs
  • Liability coverage.
  • Legal protection for the restaurateur and his restaurant

Insurance for health and wellness businesses

Satisfying your customers requires your full concentration, we from our  insurance customer portal  offer special insurance protection as part of the extensive coverage packages, for example:

  • Lock change costs
  • Planning and architect costs
  • Data carriers and means of reproduction
  • EDP ​​systems, laptops, and office communication devices
  • Additional costs for a replacement location after fire, burglary, storm, or water damage
  • Legal protection for you and your company

Insurance for the construction industry

Working efficiently in the construction industry requires maximum concentration. We have developed special solutions for the construction sector to work in peace and special insurance protection as part of the extensive coverage packages.

In particular, the business liability insurance coverage corresponds to the requirements of the statutory compulsory insurance for builders. Our coverage highlights:

  • Foreign goods that are accepted for processing, use, and safekeeping
  • Lock change costs
  • Real estate infrastructure
  • Motor vehicles, including trailers as well as self-propelled machines
  • Compensation Obligations
  • Legal protection for you and your construction company

Insurance for the IT sector and against cybercrime

When working as an IT service provider, there is a risk that people or property will be harmed and that claims will be made. Liability insurance offers financial protection against these risks. The relevance of such insurance coverage is high because the entrepreneurial existence can depend on it.

With increasing digitalization, the risk of falling victim to a hacker attack increases every day. To protect themselves against cybercrime, companies are increasingly paying attention to adapting their own IT security to the current risks.

There are a large number of insurance products on the insurance market, which at first glance may seem complex, difficult to understand. For this reason, we are here, together with the specialists at our insurance customer portal, have created the most important types of policies for companies operating in the industry.

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