What is property insurance?

If you’re a first-time residential or commercial property owner, this is certainly one of the questions that are ringing through your mind. You probably learned about the need for property insurance when you were in the process of completing the purchase. Or if you bought the property through a mortgage, it’s possible that you already have some form of property insurance.

For starters, property insurance is more like car insurance. It protects your property from losses that might arise after partial or total damage.

In this article, we’re telling you everything you need to know about property insurance, including the benefits and the various types you need to buy.

Why Is It Important to Purchase Property Insurance?

Purchasing a property is a big investment that you hope will keep increasing in value. Unfortunately, the property can also be a liability.

For instance, if an earthquake strikes your area and the building collapses as a result, you will have lost a big chunk of your investments. A fire can also raze it down. There are several risk events, both natural and manmade.

Property insurance protects you from any losses resulting from damage. Your insurance provider will do an assessment and compensate you accordingly. You can then use the funds to make the necessary repairs.

Did you know a visitor can sustain an injury while on your property? When this happens, they can hold you liable for their injuries. Property insurance provides you with adequate liability protection.

Also, your property isn’t just the structure. You certainly have valuable possessions inside, such as electronic appliances, pieces of art, and jewelry. In the event of property damage that extends to your possessions inside the property, you can count on your property insurance to compensate you accordingly.

The Different Types of Property Insurance

It’s hardly possible to find one blanket policy that takes care of all your property insurance needs. In most cases, you have to purchase multiple policies, which is why there are different types of property insurance.

The most common type of property insurance is homeowner’s insurance. This policy is designed for homeowners, and it covers damage caused by fire, storms, and lightning strikes. It’s essential to note that some natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, aren’t typically covered by homeowners’ insurance.

This is where flood and earthquake insurance come in. If you want to protect your property against these disasters, you have to purchase standalone policies.

Renters insurance is also a type of property insurance that’s designed for tenants. If you’re renting and want to protect your possessions in the event of property damage, this policy is a must-have.

There are also other types of highly specialized property insurance. For example, if you’ve got a motorhome or campervan, you’ll realize that you need property insurance, in addition to auto insurance. Here is a guide on everything you need to know about insurance for these kinds of properties.

What Is Property Insurance? Now You Know

If you were wondering what is property insurance, you now have a firm answer. But to recap, property insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage against damage and liabilities. There are different kinds of property insurance, so you might need to purchase a couple of policies.

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