Credit card purchase is considered as the most convenient one, as you can make a purchase until your credit never crosses the limitation. However, a bad credit history might affect this facility causing cancellation of this card by the bankers. Credit cards are also risky for people who fail to meet the repayment conditions because of moderate of low income. Though they might get a credit card, failure to repay on time will result in financial difficulties and additional fine rates too.

What are prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards are the recent attraction among people with moderate and poor income. Prepaid card is one that has all the major shopping facilities which a credit card has. As people tend to choose online transaction for payment of current consumption charges, telephone bills, and water bills, prepaid card stay ideal to use for payment online. They are also reliable for online shopping, which saves time and funds. The terms and conditions are favorable for people in the case of choosing a prepaid card. Unlike credit cards, getting a prepaid card does not require a bank statement with good credit history.

How to get prepaid cards?

Applying for a prepaid card is a very simple process. Even with minimum balance in your active transaction account will work to get it done. The most important requirement to get a prepaid card is to deposit considerable amount in your active account and the bank or any private agency whom you have contacted for prepaid card will issue the same based on the deposit amount limit. You can enjoy shopping in your own money; there is no regret about repayment as you spend your own money partially.

Process of purchase with prepaid card

Maintaining the deposit amount in your account is more important. As and when you accumulate your money, you can use that for deposit to make your shopping experience comfortable and hassle free. On the other hand, the limitation can be increased or decreased based on the amount you deposit. One of the advantages of prepaid card is that you can track your transactions online and work out further purchase or usage based on the limit of funds available. Once your card is activated, the online transaction tracking kit will also be provided for your convenience.

Some more benefits

Prepaid card is beneficial in many ways than the credit cards. Some of the notable and appreciated advantages are that prepaid card controls your shopping limit. With the help of purchase tracking details, you will be able to see the funds available which will warn you about the limit of finds available. In addition, if there is no funds in your deposit account, you can no more purchase or pay bill with prepaid card. This is one of the interesting features of a prepaid card that allows many people to prefer this card in the place of credit cards. There is absolute financial obedience obtained by using prepaid card, as you will have to manage shopping only within the amount you deposit.

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