Getting the best price for an old car might not be as simple as it might appear at first glance. You need to adopt a systematic approach to make sure that your vehicle indeed fetches the price that it warrants. In the current discourse, I will provide a few tips that you should follow, if you are looking to generate auto finance by selling your old car.

Having a family owned old car business has its own advantages. For example, I learnt from an early age from my dad that, even cars that appeared completely worn out, had at least some salvage value. Over time, I have seen many people approach our company, to sell their old cars and get a fair amount of auto finance in the bargain. I am at the helm of our business now, and I think I should share the following tips for selling junk cars for cash. Hope you find them handy:

  • Select a time-frame – You might be in a tearing hurry to get quick cash for cars, or might have ample time on hand to look for the best deal available. Remember that, if you are indeed pressed for time, you might have to settle for a slightly lower price for your old car. From the beginning, determine a period of time within which you wish your car to be sold.

  • Prepare a price estimate for your car – There used to be a time when I thought that, determining the price of old vehicles was the sole prerogative of junk car dealers (like our company, that is). A close inspection of how business was conducted at our scrap yard at Christchurch (that’s where I hail from), however, showed that the sellers too have a role to play in this regard. Assess the condition that your car is in carefully, so that you can make a proper estimate of the price it should fetch. The size of your car matters too, as far as its auto financing aspect is concerned.

  • Advertise the car that you wish to sell – It is not always likely that you will have a top-notch junk car company right next to your house, right? It is strongly recommended that you should make an effort to ensure proper exposure and visibility for the car that you wish to sell off. There are several automobile-related websites, which list cars that have been put up on sale. Check them out, and advertise your car on at least some of them. In addition, you can also highlight your old, to-be-sold car through widely circulated auto magazines.

  • Keep your car in good shape – When you tow your old vehicle to a company like ours, make it a point that it is in a presentable condition. An unclean overall appearance, mud-soaked tires and a stained windshield can put paid to your hopes for arranging for profitable junk car removal for cash. Yes, we do look into whether the car is functional or not, but considerable importance is attached to the first impression too!

  • Be transparent – If there are any specific damages in your car, do not conceal it, in your bid to get a high price. The experts at any good junk car yard are qualified enough to find out any such fault, and that would really start off your car-selling endeavors on the wrong foot. Be frank and divulge all information regarding factors that might hamper your car’s performance in the long-run.

  • Retain a printed copy of the sale contract/receipt – Okay, your sale is complete – so can you afford to be careless about the bills and/or receipts of the transaction? No you can’t, for there’s no saying what complications might arise in future. On our part, we keep a written record about each of the cars that we buy. Sellers are also advised to preserve copies of such documents, for future reference.

Following an honest, sincere and customer-centric approach has helped me expand our family business steadily over the last few years. In the fall of 2010, we opened a new branch for cash for cars at Hamilton too. Keep the factors that I have related here in mind, and you will end up making a neat profit on your used car!

Author’s Bio: Rickey is a noted junk car dealer. He also regularly writes on the web, about different aspects of auto finance and junk car sales. Over here, he provides a few useful tips for readers to get a good price on old cars.

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