The range of reasonably priced and highly stylish home decoration accessories available in the markets is extensive, much to the delight of homemakers like me. In this discourse, I will focus on some of the cost-effective decorative items that I opted for, which helped me in staying true to our home finance plans too.Are you an enthusiastic home decorator? Welcome to the club! Right from when I was a teenager, I had this knack of buying any decorative item, which appealed to my aesthetic senses. If you ever visit my parental home in Sydney, Australia, you will find ample evidence of the dedication with which I had decorated the entire house (relatives often commented that I had an artists’ eye!). However, unlike many other people, I had never believed in the concept that, only the most expensive decorative accessories are really beautiful. In fact, the personalized canvas art items that I had a fascination for collecting proved otherwise!

Oh well, then I got married just before Christmas in 2010, and the entire onus of decorating our new home fell on me. Don’t think that I was daunted by the apparent enormity of the task though (quite literally, for my hubby’s house was a large one)! Instead, I started to look up the web, for getting handy pointers to decorate our home in an inexpensive and elegant fashion. In what follows, I would list out some of the decorative items that I really liked:

  • Wall painting – Our home contractor vindicated my belief that, applying good-quality paints helped to enhance the longevity of the walls. This, in turn, was in keeping with the economic aspects of our home finance plans as well. I chose for different, suitable colors for each of the separate rooms. You can take my cue, and make your home look really vibrant and attractive.
  • Wall hangings and art items – If the walls have been freshly painted, can buying chic canvas art items be far from my mind? Certainly not! I got in touch with some of the best companies that specialized in canvas wall art in Australia. The best part about using these artistic items as wall décor? They are not at all expensive, and support your home finance plans totally.
  • Lighting fixtures – Gone are the days when home lights were boringly designed and were meant for visibility only. I chose some exquisitely designed lamp shades for our home, which offered a perfect blend of style and functionality. Yes, I took the trouble of visiting the local flea markets in Sydney for buying them, but it was definitely worth the effort! You are prepared to do a bit of extensive shopping for your home, right?
  • Storage space – This was a point where Chuck (my husband) turned out to be more knowledgeable than I was. Instead of buying expensive storage units, he suggested that we arrange for cabinets, drawers and shelves, at strategic locations inside the house. If you feel slightly confined for space, find out how you can make the best use of the available area. You will keep your home finance plans intact too in that way!
  • Arranging for home plants – Fresh, eco-friendly, and way cheaper than any other fancy decorative item. We bolstered the ‘green’ quotient of our home, by buying a few Begonia, Haemaria and Encyclia plants (Chuck really took the pains of getting hold of these houseplants – they were not easily available). If you too wish to keep your overall home décor simple and classy – these houseplants can be your best companion!

In addition to the above, we also were careful enough while choosing the roofing, cladding and flooring materials for our home. If you have been reading through, you must have already realized that, following a home finance plan and decorating your home well do not come in the way of each other. Feeling inspired? Weave your own magic at your home!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I have cute personalized canvas art items at our new home too. Chuck simply loves them!

Author’s Bio: Aprajita Kohli is an expert lifestyle blogger. Her articles on house decoration are frequently published in many leading international home and lifestyle portals. Over here, she provides a few ideas to choose reasonably priced yet really attractive home decoration items.

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