When you ponder about artificial intelligence (AI), what exactly the first thing that creeps in your mind?   In case you are a marketer, you could fear that it is going to take away from the necessary human element of marketing. Similarly you may also think that this emerging technology will soon replace the jobs or eventually make the tasks of marketing analysts completely obsolete.

Well, it is a sentiment that could not be further from the truth.  You know rather AI is a marketer’s best companion. It permits them to be more productive by catering them the single most significant part of their job: information and knowledge regarding their target audience.Certainly once you have the AI consumer insights with you, you can nail it in all the directions.

Marketers could go into work daily completely confident in knowing who really their customer is. And perhaps they do. But there’s always much MOR to know, and the conversation of the online consumers is where to find it. AI is helpful for the marketers describe through trillions of online conversations and search out the meaning to critically notify their campaign analysis. This analysis goes far ahead of customers liking one brand over another. AI gives companies answers as to why that arethe case while uncovering motivational factors behind the intention of consumers to buy. Such a granular look at the consumer’s path to buy allows brands to take action and alter campaigns or behaviours. 

Since with all technologies, AI-powered image analysis is increasing incrementally. Various types of solutions allow marketers to find out or identify logos inside the online images;however this is only the beginning. As the technology matures even more, the finest AI-powered image examination tools can also notice faces, settings, actions, environments and more.

It gives you the power

Emerging AI technology gives you the power and permits you to ‘teach’ its algorithm what you might like to know from forum posts, tweets, product reviews, news articles, blogs, and even images.  It is something that encompasses specific emotive tags that could come up repeatedly, likejoy, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise or even anger. Rest assured all of such data collection is not just for the sake of amassing endless amounts of data. There is a technique to the data madness. Every of these mediums possess their own kind of consumer insights that cannot be avoided.

It’s not limited to marketers

AI is not limited to helping marketers decision making based on past campaigns.  Since social media analytics gives way to consumer insights, the usage turns out to be much broader. It is no more about marketers evaluating the effectiveness and engagement degree of their social campaigns. It is about revealing the trends, patterns and of course insights from the conversations of the consumers.

AI is the most powerful way to help marketers anticipate the topics that are absolutely relevant to the audience. What are your target peopletalking about? What industry-particular topics or news things is driving conversation among them? There could also be crucial points of gaps and pains in the market that you could tap into before your competition strokes you to it. 


Thus, when are you going to use the power of Artificial intelligence consumer’s insights?

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