If you have got married to an Australian citizen or sharing a ‘de facto’ relationship with the same, then you can go ahead with the application of Partner Visa. Does it seem that simple? Well, it is not that simple at all. Firstly, it takes time for the completion of the application process. Secondly, there are many terms and conditions associated with the process that you must be aware of.

Things can get an unexpected turn in terms of visa processing and its approval if you don’t have the guidance of a reliable partner visa lawyer in Sydney. So, make sure you opt for the help right from the beginning. Let’s focus on the different facts about partner visa here that you might not have known lately.

For how long you are in a Relationship with your Partner? It Matters

One of the prime criteria of this particular visa processing is to ensure that the relationship you are sharing with your partner needs to be valid. The length of your relationship and it’s proof, these two factors matter. For example, if you have children, the visa processing will be faster.

If you are already sharing a long-term relationship with your partner when the visa has been lodged, you will get your approved within the estimated time. As per the partner visa lawyer in Sydney, the length of the relationship needs to be at least 3 years if you don’t have any children and 2 years if you have one.

The Visa Process takes Longer Time than you Expect

Although it is always tried to get fast track results for visa processing, in reality, it takes much time. So, make sure you apply for the visa as soon as possible so that you get it ready just in time.

For the Onshore Applicants:

Partner Visa (Provisional/ Subclass 820) – Time: 21-26 Months

Partner Visa (Permanent/ Subclass 801) – Time: 18-24 Months

For the Offshore Applicants:

Partner Visa (Provisional/ Subclass 309) – Time: 13-17 Months

Partner Visa (Permanent/ Subclass 100) – Time: 17-25 Months

According to the partner visa lawyer in Sydney, if you have chosen to go for an online visa application, you should keep on updating the department regarding the significant and ongoing happenings of your life. For instance, your partner is expecting a baby, or you have got a new house for living together, etc.

  • You are Not Eligible for Partner Visa if you are Legally Married to Someone but Showing the Proof of Relationship with Another One

Well, let’s break it down for you. As per the partner visa lawyer in Sydney, if you are legally married to someone, you cannot marry your partner alongside. You have to show proof that your previous marriage has ended. Only then you will be eligible for proving your De Facto relationship that you are sharing with your partner recently.


So, these were the top 3 quick facts you need to know about Partner Visa application eligibility. Research thoroughly and get in touch with a reliable partner visa lawyer in Sydney to make sure the visa processing does not get delayed much because any of your mistakes regarding showing the needed evidence.

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