Technology will be gone improve  day by day. The Future ATM’s will perform all the tasks which are needed . The physical infrastructure will improve the power and functionality. It will also improve the advertising and Video. Many countries have multi functionality in the ABMs like checking process and invoice payments

We will take cash without the use of the card , If the card is missing and forgetting, Future ATM will help to people withdraw cash without the use of the ATM Card, Now the people have to leave their violet and handbags at their home.

If we use the Internet , The ATM’s will allow us to transfer money one account to another account

Money Transfer Function : –

If You are Internet user you have to access Id log in your user profile. If You are not internet user then you have to follow following lines:-

There are a followings  things which you should have to add to your profile.

  1. Branch transit Number
  2. Institute Number
  3. Total 7 numbers of Digit ( 6 digit folio number with 0 without any Space)


To activate the money transfer function in your account , you should have to contact the Acess’D advisor .

If you entered recipients then the ATM allows you to transfer money.  We should have access the following guidelines:-

Select the Transfer option after select Transfer option you should have to Click on the Money Transfer Button.

2. After Select money Transfer option You should have to select the account where you have to Transfer the Money.

3. After this Select the Reception  and then enter the amount which you want to Transfer.

4. Click the Confirm Transfer Button your money will be Transferred  very Easily.


Recipient is also a part of the ATM’s , if You are going daily to The ATM  for checking your  remaining balance . Some people after checking the balance tore the receipt on the floor , Then the bankers improve these things which is known as E-Receipt.  It means Electronic Receipt  Customer can Receive the Remaining balance through the help of E-Receipt Via Email. Without the use of paper.

Access Card less ATM:

People are always taking their own ID, wallets with them. Most people have a smart phone.. That day is not so far when our phones can replace in Debit cards.

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