Its summer time! This might actually be a great sentence to hear by school’s teacher. Summer vacations means a great 10 week break, but it would also mean dull period if they’re passionate about working in teaching industries. Some teacher would take private lesson during this long summer vacation, which make it possible for them to make more money with a low amount of stress as well.

Teacher have got a special unique set of skills , which can actually make it easier for them in finding any seasonal job during summer or any side hustle to gain extra money from . Owning these skills makes teachers superior pother side jobs seekers or hustles. What are the possible side jobs or hustle teacher can occupy easily during summer vacation?

Here are the best side jobs opportunities and side hustles to occupy during summer break:


This is the easiest selection. You’re already a master in teaching and any related educating methods. This is supposed to be a great choice for teachers to enroll in during summer period because tutoring is always in demand during vacations. One-to-one classes are in high demand, some students would need an additional concentration and following up with in order to make them get ready for the year after. You can either choose an expertize subject or basic common subjects.

  • If you’re interested, start checking online job websites before summer vacation starts, parents start searching early for a good private tutor to teach their kids during summer vacation. Check Joblang  for great job opportunities posted on daily basis.

Tour Guide

Showing people around seems fun right? This job allows you to work during summer vacations, if you’re an expert in your own city’s locations and best destinations then you’ll certainly love this job. Being a tour guide means you’ll get paid to talk, see your city, exercise and socialize with new people.

  • This Job role doesn’t require a degree, it only requires good amount of communication skills and a good knowledge about historical and popular gestures.
  • If you’re familiar with your country’s popular destinations, search online job websites like and apply today.

Freelance Content Writer

Teachers are great writers by nature. Freelance writer is a great job to occupy. Writing is considered an easy task for teachers, because they already have both education and writing skills. Content writing is writing catchy articles and writings to either market for a product, book and any other SEO industries. Content writer doesn’t have to be a seasonal job only, I can also be equipped even after the vacation by writing content whenever you’re free or upon request.

  • Content writing industry always starts with low income and earnings, but if you prove yourself in writing a great content then you’ll be earning great amounts of money for each article.
  • Freelance content writers are always in demand in different industries, check the job openings posted by and apply online for the job which suits your requirements and qualifications.

Baby Sitter\childcare services.

Babysitting is a great side hustles which pays well. Taking care of babies while their parents are busy is a great flexible job to enroll fir teachers. Teacher is already used to deal with children and some of them are actually passionate about kids and babies, you can do babysitting on weekends and relax the rest of the week enjoying your vacation.

Babysitter may earn between 12$ to 20$ per hour, it depends on the financial level of the family and locations as well.

Some babysitting jobs pay incredibly high amounts of money, specially the ones posted during summer vacation check the latest hustle jobs you can enroll as side jobs posted by and apply online.

Online Teacher

This is teacher’s easiest and favorite side jobs during summer vacations. Teachers should take the advantage of their teaching skills and make good money incomes during summer vacation, use your time to educate people online

Search for remote teaching opportunities which give you the ability to teach online and give students online courses offers a lot of online teaching job opportunities.

Hustle and side jobs are a great way to gain extra income while staying at home. Summer vacations are long and would get a little bit dull after a month or so, invest your time in doing a job which is easy and flexible, this will allow you to enjoy your summer vacation while saving some cash money either to spend on a planned holiday or for future. Long-term plans such as working during summer vacations are also a great boost up for your resume and your experience list, this gives a great indication and impression about yourself and salon being noticed as an energetic and passionate person who is willing to also work during seasonal holidays like summer vacations. Passionate and hard workers are and always will be recruiters favorite candidates!

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