As a start-up owner, you need to equip your office with the best infrastructure and equipment. A good broadband connection is the first thing you need.

Every office today uses the Internet for all its needs, whether to send emails or do its accounts on a cloud computing service. But getting the right broadband connection is key. Only the most comprehensively-designed connection can increase office productivity to optimum levels.

If you are looking to install Wi-Fi broadband for your office, you can browse for the best plans online and make your selection. Do consider these factors when you buy broadband for the office:

* Pick a cost-effective plan.

Since office usage of the Internet is quite heavy, requiring high amounts of data transfer speeds and bandwidth, you will need a plan that offers high amounts of monthly data at a reasonable price. You cannot be asking for data top-ups every week, nor can you realistically work with an expensive plan month upon month. Look up plans offered by leading players in the sector, and choose those which have multiple variants at a low price.

* Check for provider availability.

Most service providers in India are happy to provide Wi-Fi broadband in most locations. However, some localities might not be ideal, in terms of the geographical terrain or the absence of a cell tower close by. It always helps to check your desired service provider’s availability in your office location before you shortlist a plan. If the provider is simply not able to service your location for any reason, ask for another solution for your Internet needs or look for another provider.

* Check for discounts and offers.

Since there is fierce competition amongst broadband providers to increase their customer base every month, you will be wooed by many offers and claims from every provider. But bear in mind that only leading providers can come through on their claims, especially in terms of quick installation, affordability in pricing, many plan options to pick from and valuable add-on features. Since you own a start-up and would like to reduce costs, you should go with a leading provider offering 15% discount on the 6-months plans, or 20% discount on the 12-months plans.

* Look for plan options.

Your Wi-Fi broadband needs might be low, if you run a business that depends more on field work than office computing. Or they may be high, if your business is a web-based one. Whatever the nature of your business, you must get a plan that fits your requirements. Leading providers have broadband plans that have many options in terms of plan rentals, high data transfer speeds, superior network connectivity, and so on.

* Quick and hassle-free installation.

Ideally, you should aim to get the broadband fixed and running before you commence formal operations. Contact a provider that offers quick and mess-free installation, taking care to fix the Wi-Fi broadband router in the spot that has the strongest network signal in the office.

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