How to manage the different projects that are presented to us at work? Through the use of open source tools you can quickly manage projects in your company and solve those problems that come your way. Whether through cloud software or developing your new program from external media, Open Source is there to get you out of trouble.

We are aware that there are many tools on the web, so we have decided to make a list of those that, in our opinion, we consider of special relevance. Vizitor is one of the best app that can be used by people because this Company provides so many safe and secure methods to handle data more easily and flexibly.

Did you know these Open Source Tools?

Collabtive. It is collaborative free visitor management software, which offers alternatives to programs focused on small and medium-sized companies. This program can be used within the company server or accessed through the cloud. Its main benefit is to have specialized technicians in each area at your disposal, from the most basic functionalities in project management, to data encryption.

Team work. As indicated on its website, the company is made up of professionals whose main objective is to offer the best environment to develop all the necessary codes and the products that consumers demand. It consists of 3 different services, Teamwork projects Teamwork desk (a desk where you can manage your clients’ queries and solve their problems) and Teamwork Chat (for communicate between company workers, but also direct customer support).

ClockingIT. An open source task manager where you can control the projects your team is developing, collaborations between departments and the time spent on each of the projects, as well as being a free tool.

TaskJuggler. It is a new approach to project planning, which allows tasks to be carried out from their initial phase, to assist with analytical tools in the problems encountered by the team or to manage communication at times of risk. For experts in the mobile world, this open source application will get you out of a lot of trouble. The software allows you to develop your application and later store it in the hosting of your choice; in addition to providing you with the tools for back-end and task management.

Share.X. It is a tool that allows you to take screenshots and data, stored on the computer’s hard drive or in the cloud for direct access. It also offers tutorials on how to store all the data and images you get on different websites so that you can access them whenever you want.

Gravit. For all those designers, this collaborative cloud platform is their meeting place. As if it were an application, this tool allows you to work in real time with other designers, exchange files, as well as enjoy multiple services such as font or vector modification.

Monit. It is a small open source platform that serves to manage and monitor the work from a unix unit, this is portable, multitasking and multipurpose operating free visitor management system India. Its main functions include monitoring programs, cloud servers and online projects from anywhere.

Charted. What this software provides you with is reports and charts to analyze the performance of your company instantly and assess the data as a whole. A simple tool if we look for the instantaneous and practical, without going into software development.

These above-mentioned are tools that easily help you in managing the visitor management softwares like Visitor app. 

What are the features of visitor app (visitor management software)? There are many features of Visitor app (VMS) if you want to know then read the below-mentioned features.

Helps in digital check-ins- Visitor app helps in digital check-in and further makes the work easier by eliminating the paperwork. In previous times, the check-ins and check-outs were managed through paperwork but now they can be easily maintained through this digital platform. So, people should use them in every field to make work easier and burden-free.

Safe and secure- The data of the Visitors is very much safe and cannot be easily accessed by everyone. Only the higher authorities or the concerned authorities working on that protocol can work or check the data. So, don’t you worry because all the data and information maintained in safe and very much secure?

Notifications- These are the software that notifies the host bodies whenever a person checks in out checks out. Therefore, this notification is sent via SMS or mails.

OTP authentication- Earlier a manual process was used to authenticate the mobile number of the visitors but now with the help of Visitor’s app, visitors mobile can be easily authenticated with the help of OTP based check-ins.

Lastly, we would like to recommend this app for the management of business, organizations as well as the institutions because it makes the work flexible. So, you should look forward for using this app and managing your data more securely without any burden of paperwork. To have more details do mention us in the comments below.

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